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DEF CON China Party March 20!

DEF CON China party image

  • We’re proud to announce another live online event! We’re working with our partners at Baidu and hosting a full one-day DEF CON China Party. Join us on March 20 in a specially built XRspace VR environment for a full day of our famous style of fun with music, speakers, contests and an interview with legendary hacker Steve Wozniak. Information is on the DEF CON main site:

Welcome new DEF CON Groups!

Welcome new DEF CON Groups!

Even more verified DEF CON Groups!

More verified DEF CON Groups!

The newest verified DEF CON Groups!

The newest verified DEF CON Groups!

The newest verified DEF CON Groups!

Brand New Groups Area on DC Forums!

Over on the #defconforums we're building a whole new section for #defcongroups with mini forums for each #DCG! Share pictures, meeting info, project ideas, collaborate with other groups - make it yours. Let's get them rocking!

DEF CON Groups Miniforums

The newest verified DEF CON Groups!

DEF CON Book Club!

Books. We love ‘em. And right now, we have a major reading opportunity happening for all of us, at the same time. What better way to make use of this moment than to read something together?

Enter the #defconbookclub! Starting In April, we’re inviting you to join us - we’ll all read a book together and discuss it in its own Forum thread. Nikita has posted up all the relevant book club info in the Forum thread.

The first task is picking the book, and we’re asking for nominations. Let’s keep it Non-technical, thematically connected to ‘Discovery’ and reasonably easy to locate. Suggestions can go in the info thread.

We’re excited about this. Let’s make the most of this downtime together.
DC206 February presentation

Public Key Crypto Talk from DC206!

Live from the February 2020 DC206 Seattle monthly meeting!
DC206 February presentation

The newest verified DEF CON Groups!:

Q: What are DEF CON Groups?

A: The DEF CON Groups were spawned from the annual DEF CON security conference in Las Vegas. The DEF CON Groups (DCGs or DC-Groups) are a gathering point for folks interested in the alternate applications of modern technology, referred to properly as 'hacking'. DCGs are not intended to compete with any other computer groups, such as 2600, but rather to provide yet another gathering place for the discussion of technology and security topics. DCG meetings are open to anyone, regardless of their skill, age, job, gender, etc. DCGs are designed to help you learn new things, meet new people, mentor others in areas you may be strong in, and provide some cohesion within the hacker culture and members.
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