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The DEF CON Groups panel video from DC26!

One of the most frequently asked questions and concerns for new DCGs is in regards to naming of their group.

How To Determine What Your New DEF CON Group's Number Will Be

One of the most frequently asked questions and concerns for new DCGs is in regards to naming of their group.

Jayson Interviews Tim from DC859 Lexington, KY!


DC25 DEF CON Groups Panel!

 groups panel video dc25

New to the idea of DEF CON Groups? Take a little time to watch this DCG panel from last year's DEF CON, and you'll learn a great deal of what you need to know.

This year's DCG panel talk is on Sunday, in Track 1 at 5pm, so if you're at DEF CON please stop by! There's also going to be a DEF CON Groups party Sunday afternoon (consult your local program or check with @defcongroups on Twitter.) We can't wait to meet all of you!

Jayson Interviews Adrian from DC2744 in South Africa!


DCG Interview with Isaac from DC214 Dallas!


DCG Interview Video w/April Wright of DC617 Boston!


New DEF CON Groups Added!

DC269 Kalamazoo, Michigan
DC11213 Blida, Algeria
DC9411 Colombo, Sri Lanka
DC664 Tijuana, Mexico
DC787 Bayamon, Puerto Rico

DCG Interview Video w/DC010 founder Jun Li!


New DEF CON Groups Added!

DC757 - Hampton Roads, VA
DC905 - Southern Ontario, Canada
DC253 - Tacoma, WA
DC509.2 - Wenatchee, WA
DC717 - Lancaster, PA

DC615 Nashville joins a new educational initiative with TN Homeland Security!

DC615, the DEF CON group based out of Nashville, TN is excited to be a part of a new initiative between the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, and local law enforcement! The new initiative builds a stronger connection between members of the Information Security community and federal and local law enforcement, with emphasis on educating on the risks of cyber security, as well as details for remediation efforts.

DC615 has been chosen as the group to help build this initiative. We are building a framework with the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security that can be shared and used by any DC group, and look forward to being able to share our knowledge through training events, speaking engagements, and whatever other capacity that we can be utilized to help educate and strengthen the security posture of schools, federal and local law enforcement. This is a great way for us to not only help give to our community, but to help educate others as well.

The project was announced at DEF CON 25, and has been in planning with Jayson Street, Brent White, and the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security since the projects inception around April, 2017. Events will be announced soon, and we will keep you updated on this project.

New DEF CON Groups Added!

DC626 - Pasadena, CA
DC0471 - Trivandrum, India
DC420 - Prague, Czechia
DC9723 - Tel-Aviv,Israel

DEF CON Groups Update for 2018!

DEF CON Groups Ambassador Jayson Street has a vid for you, summing up the past year and giving you the scoop on some of our plans for 2018. We've got big things in the works and we're hoping you'll join us in making this the best DCG year ever!


How to Start a DEF CON Group

A local DEF CON group (DCG) is part of “a global community of hackers, thinkers, makers and others bent on being part of the elegant chaos they want to see in the world” (--The Dark Tangent)

DCG is a great way to meet, learn, and share with local hackers.

If there is not a local DCG within a reasonable commute from your area, you may want to start your own group.

how to start a DCG image