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New DEF CON Groups Added!

DC626 - Pasadena, CA
DC0471 - Trivandrum, India
DC420 - Prague, Czechia
DC9723 - Tel-Aviv,Israel

DEF CON Groups Update for 2018!

DEF CON Groups Ambassador Jayson Street has a vid for you, summing up the past year and giving you the scoop on some of our plans for 2018. We've got big things in the works and we're hoping you'll join us in making this the best DCG year ever!

How to Start a DEF CON Group

A local DEF CON group (DCG) is part of “a global community of hackers, thinkers, makers and others bent on being part of the elegant chaos they want to see in the world” (--The Dark Tangent)

DCG is a great way to meet, learn, and share with local hackers.

If there is not a local DCG within a reasonable commute from your area, you may want to start your own group.

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DC201 Pre-Con Meetup

DEFCON201 (New Jersey) invites all hacker types in the Mid-Atlantic Seaboard for a pre-con Meet Up at @NYNYVegas,July 21st 2:01-6pm!

Follow @N_E_Syndicate, @defcon201nj or stop by for additional information!

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DC530 (Chico, CA) now meets every Tuesday!

From their Facebook page:

It's been a while since we posted an update, so this will be a doozy....

First and foremost, meetings are EVERY TUESDAY AT 7PM at Idea Fab Labs Chico! Every week people ask "is there a meeting tonight"? The answer is ALWAYS YES! Sometimes meetings are just 5 hackers hanging out talking shop. Come by and say Hi!

If you'd rather participate and get your hands dirty, there is currently a shiny voip phone running SIP firmware AND A PBX waiting for a config to be created and pushed.

The Kegbot also needs some love, as the raspi that runs the DB and Twitter feed is unplugged on top of the kegerator. Feel like getting the Pi and Tablet talking again? By all means!

There's also that sexy little black box on our table...but that's a secret. Right guys? See you next Tuesday.

DEF CON Lucknow update

The DEF CON Groups program is designed to reflect the values of DEF CON, providing an open community for the discussion of technology and security topics. As such, we must all work together so that our actions build toward that goal.

However when anyone or any group abuses the trust of this community and negatively impacts the reputation of DEF CON we are all harmed. After significant discussions we have concluded with regret that DEF CON must revoke DEF CON Group Lucknow for attempting to commercialize based on the brand and community.

Since the beginning of the DEF CON Groups back in 2003 this is the first time we have had to take this action, and we genuinely hope it will be the last.

The Dark Tangent


Important reminder for everyone in the general vicinity of New York City this weekend: 'HACKED by DEF CON and MR. ROBOT' is happening at the TriBeCa Film Festival and you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Some of our famous DEF CON Villages (Lockpicking, Privacy, Hardware Hacking and BioHacking) will be on hand to share hands-on instruction, group presentations and even some fun contests.

Hosted by the team behind USA Network's breakout hit 'MR. ROBOT', there's an fSociety recruitment challenge. Test your hacking/social engineering/knowledge skills to see if you have the goods to join Elliot in fsociety.

There will also be panel discussions all three days:

Friday, 4/15 @8pm: Emergent Technologies: Hacking Innovation
Panelists: Joshua Carr, Sarah Grant, Tal Danino
Moderated by DEF CON

Saturday, 4/16 @7pm: Perception: The Art of Surveillance
Panelists: Alexis McGill Johnson, Lyric Cabral, Laura Poitras(TBC)
Moderated by DEF CON

Sunday, 4/17 @1pm: Living in a Post MR. ROBOT World
Panelists: Kor Adana, Writer and Cast Members of MR. ROBOT
Moderated by The Dark Tangent

All this is going down at Spring Studios at 50 Varick Street, and door open at noon. You can get more info and ticket details at

Come check out all the DEF CON and MR. ROBOT goodness at the world-renowned TriBeCa Film Festival. Super-fun brain-embiggening times await.

They have some movies there too.

Reno's DC775 - Year of the Hack Video!

The Year of the Hack videos continue to roll in - this time Reno/Northern Nevada's own DC775. Nice work 775! Check out their entry and find the full rules on the contest page. We're waiting for yours!

Milwaukee's DC414 - Year of the Hack Video!

The Year of the Hack contest is officially underway, andDC414 is the first to get their video turned in. Check it out in the sidebar, and find the full rules on the contest page. Time to quit procrastinating and get your video together! It's on, people.

Top 5 DEF CON Groups of 2015!

We would like to take a moment to show some appreciation to some very active DEF CON groups! So without further ado here are the top 5 DEF CON Groups of 2015!

New Contest: Year of the Hack!

With the relaunch of DEF CON Groups we wanted to start a new kind of initiative, but in a recognizable format: we want to bring in the new year with a competition. This is the first competition of its kind. It's not a black badge competition but it will take a lot of work and determination to succeed, and the rewards are equally sweet.

More Groups Added!

Thanks to everyone who has responded to our Groups Survey - we've updated the Calendar and Groups pages to reflect our current information. If you're a DCG POC that hasn't yet responded, please do! We want to feature you here.

Groups Portal Updated!

We're posting the updated information from the Groups Survey as it comes in to us - check out the Groups portal page for contact info, meeting times and locations and URLs for the first round of responding groups!

DT Interviews DCGroups Chief Jayson E. Street at DC23!

Link roundup image

Welcome from The Dark Tangent!

I am proud to unveil the launch of the new DEF CON Groups website,! will provide a centralized place to socialize, learn new skills, collaborate, and show off recent projects to DEF CON Groups around the world . It will include a directory to make it easier to find like-minded hackers in your area, as well as showcase featured DEF CON Groups, guest blogs, videos, tutorials, and more.

To help make this happen Jayson E. Street, the unofficial DEF CON ambassador for the last 15 years, will now take on an official role as the new DEF CON Groups coordinator. Jayson has been active in the DEF CON community for years, and he embodies a spirit of openness and energy  that I am looking for to take the DEF CON Groups to a new level.

Jayson has assembled a team to help make this happen. @ioCassie, @tottenkoph, @KentNabors, and @Sara_Kantor have all volunteered their time and responded ten-fold in their efforts to make this community happen. They have a lot of work ahead of them yet to even begin. With the community's help they're going build the road to benevolent world domination that was set in motion back at DEF CON 2001 by Speed Russr when he came up with the idea for the DCG.

the Dark Tangent

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Welcome to the new home for the DEF CON Groups! A global community of hackers, thinkers, makers and others bent on being part of the elegant chaos they want to see in the world.

This is not just a website but a portal, a framework, a foundation if you will for all to come together to not just be a part of a local group but for all of us connect with each other and form a worldwide network of groups.

So contribute to this site! For it depends on your involvement! No matter how strong the foundation is. It is nothing if we don’t bother to build on it!