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DEF CON Hacking Conference


DCGroups Calendar

Discover the cool things happening in your neighborhood or in that neighborhood across the world: the DCG calendar will guide you to it. Meetings will be listed here, with dates pulled from the DCG pages. Other global DCG events will be included here. If you're a POC for a DC Group not listed here, drop us a line!

DC Group Location Meetings Website
DC201 Hoboken, NJ Follow us on
for meeting dates and times.
Website Coming Soon.
DC206 Redmond, WA 3rd Sunday, Every Thursday
DC207 Portland, ME 3rd Saturday,
OpenBench Portland
DC214 Dallas, TX 2nd Wednesday, 7-9pm
DC215 Philadephia, PA 3-4 meetings annually
DC225 Baton Rouge, LA 2nd Monday
DC303 Denver, CO 3rd Friday, 7-10pm
DC305 Miami, FL 2nd Friday
i2 Labs, Downtown Miami
DC310 Hollywood, CA 1st Thursdays
Tinder Security Team Office on Sunset
DC314 St. Louis, MO 1st Friday of the month
DC330 Stark County, OH Alternate Wednesdays 6-8PM
please email for meeting locations
DC360 Cairo, Egypt Twice a month (info on site) dc360 Facebook
DC404 Atlanta, GA Aug 22, Sep 19, Sep 20
Oct 15, Oct 17, Oct 18
dc404 Facebook
DC405 Oklahoma City, OK Last Thursdays, 6-9pm
Moore Norman Tech Center, Franklin Road
DC406 Helena, MT 1st Friday, 5pm
The Staggering Ox
DC407 Orlando, FL Last Friday, 8pm
DC412 Pittsburgh, PA 2nd Thursdays pending
DC414 Milwaukee, WI First Friday of the month
DC415 San Francisco, CA Fridays twice a month
DC423 Chattanooga, TN Last Wednesday of the month, 6:30pm
DC480 Phoenix, AZ varies
DC503 Portland, OR 3rd Sunday, 3pm
DC505 Albequerque, NM 3rd Mondays
DC509 Spokane, WA Monthly pending
DC510 East Bay, CA Monthly, after Cyberpunk Cinema
DC530 Chico, CA 3rd Thursday
DC530 Hackerspace
dc503 Facebook
DC541 Eugene, OR 2nd Saturday
location tbd
DC559 Chowchilla, CA 3rd Saturday pending. follow @dc_559
DC562 Long Beach, CA Twice a month @ mini-hackerspace,
once for talks and once for CTF/Challenges
DC602 Phoenix, AZ Every Other Friday, 6:30pm
DC603 Lebanon, NH 2nd Saturdays @ 7 p.m.
Gusanoz restaurant
410 Miracle Mile
DC615 Nashville, TN Last Thursday of month @ 6pm
DC617 Boston, MA 1st Mondays
see website
DC626 Pasadena, CA Third Wednesdays pending
DC647 Toronto, Ontario, Canada pending
DC650 Silicon Valley, CA Last Wednesday, 7pm
DC701 North Dakota pending
DC705 Barrie, Ontario, Canada monthly, 6PM - 9PM
DC713 Houston, TX First Wednesday of the month
TX/RX Labs (
DC719 Colorado Springs, CO Varies
DC727 St. Petersburg, FL Third Thursdays pending
DC735 Azerbaijan Republic Weekends or Fridays after work
DC775 Reno, NV First Wednesdays @7pm
Bridgewire Maker Space
DC770 Atlanta Metro, GA First Tuesdays
Jefferson’s Restaurant,
28 W. Main Street, Cartersville GA, basement bar area
DC801 Salt Lake City, UT First Monday, 6pm
DC813 Tampa, FL Varies
DC818 Woodland Hills, CA TBD
DC828 Asheville, NC Once a month - meeting times vary. pending
DC850 Pensacola, FL 1st Saturdays 6-9pm pending
DC858 San Diego, CA Once a month
Round Table Pizza in Rancho Bernardo
DC859 Lexington, KY Monthly
DC865 Knoxville, TN Third Thursdays @6pm
DC904 Jacksonville, FL 1st Friday, 6:30pm
Kickbacks Gastropub 910/914 King St. Jacksonville, FL 32204
DC909 San Bernardino, CA 2nd Fridays at 6:30pm
Denny's, 502 N Vineyard Ontario CA
DC910 Fayettville, NC 1st and 3rd Saturdays at 11am Facebook
DC916 Sacramento, CA Second Saturdays
McClatchy Library, Meeting room
2112 22nd St
DC918 Tulsa, OK Varies
DC919 Raleigh, NC to be posted on website calendar
DC949 Huntington Beach, CA 2nd Wednesday, 7pm
DC956 McAllen, TX First Friday, 6-8PM
3700 W. Military Hwy
DC007 Bogota, Colombia Thursdays
Cafe la Montaña, Diagonal 108 no. 8 - 11
DC032 Lviv, Ukraine follow @dc032lviv for updates pending
DC057 Kharkiv, Ukraine Twice a month
DC0571 Zhejiang, China Announced on the website
DC65 Singapore coordination occurs over our Slack Channel
DC170 Girona/Barcelona Spain 1st Friday of each month, 7PM
@ University of Girona
DC010 Beijing, China Quarterly
International Electronics City Headquarters
DC02139 Kiev, Ukraine Tuesdays at 14:00
DC2298 Brescia, Italy Every Sunday at 8am pending
DC254 Nairobi, Kenya Every Thursday at 1800hrs - 2000hrs,
Delta Towers, Waiyaki Way
DC2711 Johannesburg, South Africa Wednesdays 16:00
DC2721 Capetown, South Africa Last Saturdays
DC2744 Johannesburg, South Africa 3rd Fridays @7pm
Primi Piatti, George Caledon Sq.
DC306 Saskatchewan, Canada Varies - contact POC
DC380322 Lviv, Ukraine Check out @dc032lviv to stay tuned
DC4131 Geneva, Switzerland Aug 25, Sep 22, Oct 27
Nov 24, Dec 22 at 6:30pm
DC4420 London, England First Monday of the month at 8PM
The City Gate Hotel
DC441392 Exeter, Devon UK Aug 25, Sep 29,
Oct 27, Nov 24
DC441452 Gloucester, England See website
DC4822 Warsaw, Poland First Saturdays (excepting Jan.)
See website
DC52999 Sureste Region,Yucatan, Mexico Local University
Monthly Friday 7pm
DC5527 Vitoria, Brazil Every Saturday / 2:00 pm
DC5561 Brasilia, Brazil pending
DC604 BC, Canada pending pending
DC664 Tijuana, Mexico Last Thursday of every month.
BitCenter Tijuana
Facebook page
DC7212 Astana, Kazhakstan Once or twice per quarter
DC7449 Moscow, Russian Federation Once a quarter
DC7812 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation Once, twice a quarter
DC7831 Nizhniy Nocgorod, Russian Federation Various venues, from bars to conference rooms.
DC8015 Venezuela Once a month
DC10001 Xi'an China First Sunday of the month
Library at Xi'an Shi
DC35386 Dublin, Ireland Last Thursday
DC62231 Cirebon, Indonesia Once a week pending
DC852 Hong Kong, China Third Thursdays pending
DC860571 Ghangzhou, China Third Thursdays
See website
DC86755 Shenzen, China Third Thursdays
Chaihuo makerspace in OCT Shenzhen
DC90312 Ankara, Turkey Weekends pending
DC9111 Delhi, India pending
DC9661 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Every last Friday.
Location and timings via group mail
Meetup Page
DC977 Nepal Every Thursday 9-10am
KU Fountain
DC9714 Dubai, UAE meetings set by group email pending
DC995322 Tbilisi, Georgia Monthly
Geolab IT Training Center
Meetup Page
DC999 Trenzano, Italy Last Fridays
Timings and locations are set via group mail