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New Contest: Year of the Hack!

With the relaunch of DEF CON Groups we wanted to start a new kind of initiative, but in a recognizable format: we want to bring in the new year with a competition. This is the first competition of its kind. It’s not a black badge competition but it will take a lot of work and determination to succeed - and the rewards are equally sweet.

This is a year-long competition for all DEF CON groups, and we expect quality. Here’s the challenge: what can you do to make a positive impact on the community, be it globally, locally, or hacker-globally. What can your DCG do to improve… anything? We’re trying to make something better, not just point out what is broken without providing a solution.

Some examples we’ve thought of:

  1. Community programs to help the homeless with learning
    new skills
  2. After school kids learning new skills
  3. Creating 3-D printing materials or supplies that others might need
  4. Create a new tool set, or challenge, or something to help others develop their skill set
  5. To help the community as a whole with security education and outreach.
  6. Set up, document, and run services the community can use and also learn how to do themselves.
  7. Take the open source data your town or city is producing,
    and analyze it for privacy or security concerns, and visualize it in ways to teach others about your findings
  8. Help secure a library, school, etc..
  9. Working with local Infraguard chapters to do projects to foster a better relationship between hackers and "The Establishment".

You guys are creative. You’ll figure it out.

Here are the rules:

To be entered into the competition, submit a link to a 3- minute (at least!) YouTube video from your DCG as a whole describing what you’re planning on accomplishing over the year. Don’t just generally describe what you want to do - describe your time schedule, who has expertise in what, why, etc. The more detail the better.

In addition, describe what you want as your reward. That’s right - this is a “win what you want” competition. But it’s not that simple: it’s win what your DCG wants. This is a DCG competition, so that’s who gets the prize. Do you need a 3-D printer in your space? A projector? Couple of Raspberry Pis? Make sure it’s attainable, and for the benefit of the group. Just don’t be ridiculous (you know that saying about pigs and hogs?) and this could end up super cool.

Do it by February 29

On July 1, all teams will have to resubmit a status report video: no shorter than 3 minutes, explaining what your progress has been and what you’re planning on doing the entire rest of the year

Here comes the cool part: All submitted videos will then be voted on at DEF CON. In the months of July and August, projects will be voted on by the DEF CON community

The Top 5 projects will be announced at DEF CON and have the rest of the year to finish up the project (with an October Status Report)

Winners will be announced January 1st.

Don’t worry, we’ll get third-party verification of all finalist to make sure the project has been completed as submitted.

Contests are Fun.

The only thing more fun than hanging out with cool hackers is pwning cool hackers (in contests, of course!) We have a great lineup of contests coming your way, ranging from the technical to the downright ridiculous. Contests will be optimized so that everyone - regardless of bandwidth and gear - can participate.

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