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DCGroup Portal

This is the portal for DCGs located in the United States. Find one in your area, or browse to learn more about others around the world.

Take a look around you will find links and ‘home pages’ of all current global DCGs.

If you do not see your group listed here then please follow the instructions on the info template.


Looking for a DEF CON Group outside the USA?

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  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona USA
  • Point of Contact: Warren
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC480 Meets: We meet each month at various locations throughout the valley on the second or third week (depending).
  • Description: DC480 over the past few years was active with meetups out of UAT but has since fallen off the radar. Warren Shrugs and Berk Bogler have since taken ownership over 480 and run the meetings and keep the website updated with news, events, and projects related to our DC group.
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Point of Contact: Sark Dumont
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: DAC
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC602 Meets: 3rd Friday of every month


  • Location: Little Rock, Arkansas USA
  • Point of Contact: Dylan Hailey
  • POC Email:
  • DC501 Meets: We meet once a month on a Saturday, build challenges, compete in hackathons, and have technical talks on various subjects.
  • Areas of Interest: Most of the group focuses on information security and hardware.


  • Location: Hollywood, California USA
  • Point of Contact: Tony Trummer
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC310 Meets: 1st Thursday of each month @ the Tinder Security Team office, 8833 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069. Check the website for scheduling changes or special events.
  • Description: Started in 2017, by members of the Tinder Security Team. The meetings and site maintenance will be run by Tony Trummer and other members of the team.
  • Interests: Web and Mobile Security, CTFs and binary reversing/exploitation
  • Location: San Jose, California USA
  • Point of Contact: The Infamous Kevin
  • POC Email: The Infamous Kevin (one word)
  • Website:
  • DC408 Meets: Third Thursday of each month, The Fountainhead Bar at SoFA Market, 387 South 1st Street San Jose.
  • Description: Silicon Valley DEF CON social group for the 408. Hangout, drink, hack. No rollerblades required.
  • Location: East Bay, California USA
  • Point of Contact: Delta
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @dc510
  • DC510 Meets: Once a month, just after Cyberpunk Cinema (usually on the second Monday). Sometimes we have additional activities. Ask us about them!
  • Description: Not just another meeting of burnouts. We aren't as cool as (insert digits here) but we can dream.
  • Location: Chico, California USA
  • Point of Contact: Cereal
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC530 Meets: Third Thursday of every month at Blackbird: Books, Gallery, Cafeat 1431 Park Ave in Chico.
  • Description: was first formed circa 2005. Initially founded by Twinvega, the group died off and was eventually brought back online by Salem with the help of Cereal and Darkwolf. After another lull in activity it was recently rebooted again by Cereal.
  • Interests: Network and Web application security, hardware hacking the Parallax Propeller (Defcon badge) and Arduino.
  • Location: Chowchilla, California USA
  • Point of Contact:Doc Panda
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending, follow @dc_559
  • DC559 Meets: 3rd Saturdays of the month @ Root Access Hackerspace
  • Description: We will speak about Social Engineering, Phishing, WiFi cracking, SQLI all the way to data forensics and PI work. The list goes on, We will also have guest speakers that are professional in a verity of fields. oh yeah Food and drinks also.
  • Location: Long Beach, California USA
  • Point of Contact: z0rro
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC562 Meets: Twice a month @ mini-hackerspace, once for talks and once for CTF/Challenges
  • Description: DC562 is a re-branding of an un-official group. We decided to re-brand the group after attending this years DC and hearing about the DC group reload. It was formed by a couple of 562 (Long Beach CA) locals.
  • Location: Pasadena, California
  • Point of Contact: Exist
  • POC Email:
  • Website: Pending
  • DC626 Meets: every 4th Wednesday of the month in the city of Pasadena. Send us an email telling us about yourself along with a request for the time and location.
  • Description: DC626 started in 2015. Originally it was just a group of friends discussing issues related to information security, technology and science. On April 2016 we opened our doors to the public. Since then we have had monthly regularly scheduled meetings covering a wide range of topics. Our leadership is not top down as we believe all members should share responsibility for the well-being of the group. We believe in quality not quantity when it comes to our members.
  • Areas of Interest: Information Security, Technology, Science.
  • Location: Bakersfield, California
  • Point of Contact: ech0_31003
  • POC Email:
  • Website: Pending
  • DC661 Meets:Monthly. The place is still TBD.
  • Description: DC661 was founded by ech0_31003 in 2018 as a means to engage our fragmented community. We aim to create a space where hackers belong and encourage hackers to be excellent to each other.
  • Areas of Interest: We will focus on WiFi projects and building a Software Defined Radio. We also want to include a Lock Picking Wall.
  • Location: Petaluma, California
  • Point of Contact: Info
  • POC Email:
  • Website: IRC: server UnderNet Channel #defcon707
  • DC707 Meets: We meet at the local McNears Saloon and Dining House in Petaluma, CA every 2nd and 4th Sat. where everybody takes turn giving a talk on what their interest are and working on security lab projects.
  • Description: The DC707 started in 2016. It was formed by several local hackers.
  • Interests: We have a skills training with Kali LInux and we have a lock picking training we also are working on some WIFI projects.
  • Projects: Currently working on a Rogue Access Point and a Mag Spoofer.
  • Location: Ojai, California
  • Point of Contact: Birkhoff
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: David
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC805 Meets: We meet at Beacon Coffee, a local cafe on first Wednesday afternoon every month.
  • Description: DC805 just started. We gathered a few security-aware folks and had three meetings about the network security situation in local areas. We are also keen on social engineering attacks, wireless, and IoT security.
  • Interests: Wireless hacking/security, IoT security, social engineering, physical security (lock picking)
  • Projects: A universal reverse shell for USB HID attacks.
  • Location: Woodland Hills, California USA
  • Point of Contact: Tyrant
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC818 Meets: Bi-monthly or monthly. Depending on schedules.
  • Description: Range of interests are from Lincoln Logs to Bio Hacking, with everything in between. Oh and drinking... Can't skip that.
  • Location: Santa Cruz, California
  • Point of Contact: Jedi
  • POC Email: pending
  • Website: pending
  • DC831 Meets: We've yet to have our first meeting, but are working towards getting the timing and schedule established. We currently have a discord server were the coordination is currently happening.
  • Description: DC831 started in 2018 with a group of local hackers and professionals who have been a part of the larger DEF CON community for 17 years. Finally getting serious about setting up a group, the crew is just beginning to work out all of the details.
  • Interests: We've got a wide range of members, from first year defcon attendees to 17 year veterans looking to share their experiences from the community. One of the first items on the agenda is to get a dcdarknet team coordinated for next year's event.
  • Location: San Diego, California USA
  • Point of Contact: 800xl
  • POC Email:
  • DC858 Meets: Once a month @ Round Table Pizza in Rancho Bernardo
  • Description: The DEF CON Group San Diego (619/858) started in 2006. Interests are: SDR, Wi-Fi and more.
  • Location:San Bernardino, California USA
  • Point of Contact: @security_panda
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC909 Meets: 2nd Fridays at 6:30pm
    Denny's, 502 N Vineyard, Ontario, CA
  • Description: Open security topic discussions, research topics, and badge making
  • Location:Sacramento, California
  • Point of Contact: Dade: @0xdade
  • Website:
  • DC916 Meets: The Second Saturday of every month.
  • Description: The DC916 is a melting pot in the Northern California area for all things technology! We join monthly to talk about current technologies, alternative uses, security, learn new techniques and skills, and to commune with our fellow hackers. All knowledge and skill levels are welcomed! Just come with a willingness to learn and a passion for tech.
  • Interests: Anything technology related! We are interested in the latest technologies, their securities and alternative uses.


  • Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
  • Point of Contact: MysfitPrincess
  • POC
  • Backup Point of Contact: Pan1c
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC719 Meets: Varies
  • Description:We are a group of like minded individuals who love technology. We like to share and learn about the newest things out in the world.
  • Location: Boulder, Colorado USA
  • Point of Contact: James McKee
  • POC
  • Backup Point of Contact: Matt Bell
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC720 Meets: We Meet the first Tuesday of the month (with some exceptions check the page) at the boulder public library.
  • Description:The DC720 started following DEFCON26. Many members have been members of other groups and have attended meetings of DC303 but wanted another option closer to home (and not requiring a 45 min commute into Denver)
  • Interests:We are currently exploring topics led by questions from the group.
  • Cool Things About Us: We have a good mix of people between the enterprise security, startups, and universities that feed into the group, the perspectives and skillsets make it a great group.
  • Location: Fort Collins, Colorado USA
  • Point of Contact: IceQUICK
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC970 Meets: on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Wild Boar Coffee shop near Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. The agenda is open and flexible, and usually includes a demo or technical challenge (e.g. CTF) created by one of our members. The meetings officially start at 7pm, but members often arrive early to get an early start on the evening's food/coffee/beer/social activities. We also host a dedicated CTF night every few months.
  • Languages: English
  • Description:DC970 (in Fort Collins/Northern Colorado) was stale for a period of time before being revived in 2012. Leadership team consists of the group's active members: IceQUICK, supertweak, EULASploit, and faillinx
  • Areas of Interest:Cooperative skill development, prepping for competative CTF's. Micro controller/arm computing use and abuse.




  • Location: Bonita Springs, Florida USA
  • Point of Contact: Mike
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC239 Meets: at TWO39 Work in Bonita Springs, FL and will occur the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30PM EST. Meetings will be announced on our Slack channel and via Twitter. Email our POC for additional information.
  • Description: The DC239 started in 2019. It was formed by a transplant from DC269 who moved south. As the group grows in number, the leadership structure will morph to fit the needs of the group. Currently the group is organized by Mike and group members take turns giving talks on what they've encountered or are interested in.
  • Interests: Hardware hacking, Pen Testing, Secure Development, Lockpicking, Social Engineering, Wireless (cellular and wifi), Mobile security, Defense, Datacenters, OSINT, Crypto, Puzzles, Threat management, Exploit research, Challenges, Bug Bounty, Cloud, Networks, Incident Response, Reverse Engineering, Laws/Regulations, Compliance, Hack the Box, Hacking Tools (ie Pineapple), Civilian Involvement, Education, and Cons.
  • Location: Miami, Florida USA
  • Point of Contact: Richard Chance
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC305 Meets: Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at the i2 Labs co-working space in downtown Miami. The facility has private and public meeting spaces and WiFi access. I2 Labs curates its co-working members to technology and cybersecurity related companies.
  • Description: The mission of DEFCON 305 is to provide opportunities for anyone interested in technology and both the purposeful and unintended application of it. We will welcome people of all ages and all skill levels to participate, dialog, collaborate, build, or create anything that galvanizes the imagination. We will also provide opportunities for learning through presentations, demos, and events.We run cybersecurity and coding bootcamps, and our cyber students get to spend 200 hours in a live Security Operations Center, (SOC). Oh, and the founder’s brother-in-law owns a local brewery. We get lots of beer!.
  • Location: Satellite Beach, Florida
  • Point of Contact: C2
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC321 Meets: at the local beach bars and coffee shops.
  • Description: The DC321 started in 2011. It was formed by several local hackers. C2 & K@Z
  • Areas of Interest: We are interested in having talks involving space communications and related US government activities involving the eastern range (active launch range for US).
  • Location: Gainesville, Florida
  • Point of Contact: jnw
  • POC Email: jnw@cise.ufl.eduL
  • Website:
  • DC352 Meets: Meetings occur at the Backyard concurrent with SwampSec (fourth Wednesday of the month)
  • Languages:: English emacs, vim, and Notepad (we respect greybeards and n00bs, Linux and Windows)
  • Description: DC352 was started on August 2 2017. Currently an anarchy, headed by jnw, things will become more organized as time goes on.
  • Areas of Interest: We have a wide variety of hardware/software hacker interests and there is the Gainesville Hackerspace.
  • Location: Orlando, Florida USA
  • Point of Contact: DC407
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Willa
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC407 Meets: Last Friday of each month, 8PM @ FamiLAB
  • Description: We're a very informal group that is generally more active before and after Defcon. We meet once a month to talk shop, listen to a presentation, and/or do some CTF.
  • Location: St. Petersburg, Florida USA
  • Point of Contact: Matt Parks
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC727 Meets: The third Thursday of every month. As well, we will be having events and meet ups not as a monthly chapter meeting that will also be scheduled and conducted month to month.
  • Interests:Network security, white hat hacking, hardware hacking, tinkering, etc
  • Location: Tampa, Florida USA
  • Point of Contact: Ryan Lindfield
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: G3k
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC813 Meets: Varies
  • Description: Fantastic group of info sec enthusiasts of all levels. We aim for a monthly social night and are always looking for presenters. No drama, no egos, just great infosec people getting together and talking shop over drinks.
  • Location: Pensacola, Florida USA
  • Point of Contact: Tyler Austin
  • POC Email:
  • DC850 Meets:First Saturdays, 6-9pm
  • Description: DC850 was started in 2018 by Tyler Austin to fill the void of InfoSec networking in the North West Florida Region. Our goal is to learn from each other, build community awareness, and have fun.
  • Interests: Reverse Engineering, ICS/SCADA, IoT, Drones, Vehicles, Everything InfoSec.
  • Location: Jacksonville, Florida USA
  • Point of Contact: Qui-Gon Gene
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Michael Potts
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website: Pending
  • DC904 Meets: First Friday of each month, 6:30PM
    Kickbacks Gastropub 910/914 King St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32204
  • Description: Social gathering, lock picking and training, and general chat about all things technical.


  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA
  • Point of Contact: dr.kaos
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Keith Watson
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC404 Meets: Third Saturday of each month, 2PM
  • Description: Our group is quite diverse. After starting the group in 2003, I worked hard to foster the involvement of the local security community without trying to recreate (or step on the toes of) the local 2600 scene. As a result, we've grown a strong, consistent and loyal following, and have been home to (and helped launch the security conference speaking careers of many) Atlanta infosec professionals.
  • Location: Columbus, Georgia USA
  • Point of Contact: Christopher B. Lamberson
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Casey Erdmann
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC706 Meets: We meet on the 4th Saturday of every month at 2:00PM ET. We usually meet at Midtown Coffee House, but meeting location may vary depending on availability and need (check our website for details).
  • Description: DC706 started in 2019, bringing together hackers in the Columbus, GA metropolitan area. Our mission is to provide learning opportunities, resources, and camaraderie for anyone interested in technology and information security. We like to make things and break things. All ages/skill levels welcome. No dues, no fees.
  • Interests: Penetration testing, locksport, malware analysis, reverse engineering. We also have a focus on information security competitions, especially Network King of the Hill.
  • Projects: Currently working on a Network King of the Hill revision called Propane. OpenVPN Connect, an OpenVPN client for the WiFi Pineapple. Developing a automated website exploitation tool built in Golang called GFYS.
  • Location: Atlanta Metro, Georgia USA
  • Point of Contact: sainate
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC719 Meets: 1st Tuesdsays, 7pm at Jeffersons's in Cartersville - 28 W. Main Street, Cartersville GA
  • Description: There are three college campuses, multiple large industries and a scattering of technology enthausiasts in the area. Our plan is to have a monthly ‘hacker gathering’ to give all of these otherwise disparate groups get together to talk shop, find answers to problems with pet / personal projects (Arduino powered sprinkler system or dog feeder, etc.) or logic problems programming PLCs to whatever else comes up. We’re hoping for a ‘social that may have a presentation’ versus a ‘presentation that may have some socializing’ approach (so that there’s no pressure for *someone* to come up with a presentation or we don’t have a meeting).

    All ages/skill levels welcome. No dues, feel free to bring new friends.

    If you're interested in doing a presentation, let us know.


  • Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Point of Contact: Joel
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC808 Meets: TBD
  • Description: Infosec in Hawaii is a big deal, but there’s not enough organic knowledge transfer. We have very few security conferences – ShakaCon is pretty much the only consistent one, so I want to provide a recurring meeting where security geeks can discuss the latest. Leadership will be me and whoever else feels like volunteering in whichever capacity they’re comfortable.
  • Interests: Security, broadly speaking. I’m deeply involved with identity management, so that’s a start, but we have all branches of the US military and intel services here, so I’m sure there’ll be a ton of desire to talk/hear about pertinent issues there as well.



  • Location: Urbana, Illinois USA
  • Point of Contact: bigezy
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: saint
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC217 Meets: 3rd Saturday of the month, 3pm at The Urbana Free Library
  • Description: We are focusing on outreach to the community, project sharing, event planning for dc217 during defcon, and mutual learning.
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois USA
  • Point of Contact: Scotch and Bubbles
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC312 Meets: Unpredictably - Locations and Schedule Varies - Check website for local events, conference meetups, and remote excursions.
  • Description: DC312 is a grouping of local (and formerly local) hackers, defenders, and sell outs who jointly indulge in their shared curiosity of how things work. Whether as elite as Zero Cool or as passionately new as Joey, we collectively drive those who join in to do something interesting or exciting with their knowledge and experiences. More info, including ways to keep in touch with other 312s, can be found at
  • Location: Scotts AFB, Illinois
  • Point of Contact: Raymond Evans
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Tony Bryan
  • Backup POC Email:
  • DC618 Meets: We meet at the Midwest Cyber Center and meetings are held every last Wed. Everybody takes turn giving a talk or teaching the meeting attendees a new or interesting tool. These tools can range from the physical (such as lock picking tools) to software based tools.
  • Languages: English
  • Description: DC618 started in 2017. It was formed by several local STL hackers. Ray Evans runs the meetings and Tony Bryan runs the meeting space.
  • Areas of Interest: Our venue has access to a verbose and well managed training range. This range can be used to teach others, practice skills, or experiment with new tools.




  • Location: Wichita, Kansas
  • Point of Contact: Mitchell Williams
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC316 Meets:We meet at Friends University at the Olive Garvey Business and Technology building. Room number or lab will be updated on Facebook or Meetup.
  • Languages: English
  • Description: DC316 started in 2018. It was formed by Mitchell Williams and is currently looking for people to help run meetings.
  • Interests: We have access to a full lab with 6 ‘nodes’ that have 5 computers each. We are also working on developing SCADA systems that we can practice getting into. We are mostly focused on local capture the flag events and Hack Fortress, of course.
  • Projects: Building both a simple and complex SCADA systems to practice vulnerability testing against.


  • Location: Louisville, Kentucky USA
  • Point of Contact: The_Gibson
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC502 Meets:at the Barnes and Noble at The Paddock every 2nd Wed. We also host a social media community @ Our topics usually revolve around decentralization of social media and internet infrastructure, infosec (Red and Blue team), 3dPrinting, and Infosec consulting.
  • Description: The DC502 started in 2019. It was formed by The_Gibson. The_Gibson runs the Social media presence on There are three members, and currently we are anarchic in decision making... This would change with a larger membership to become a democracy... we hope to grow local membership in the next few months VIA social media outreach.
  • Interests: We have a couple of 3D printers and a large presence on the Fediverse @ We are very passionate about returning control of personal data to the individual, and tend to shun cloud based resources for long term usage.
  • Location: Lexington, Kentucky USA
  • Point of Contact: byt3boy
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Bill
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC859 Meets:We currently meet monthly and are working on getting a solid venue close to downtown. We meet at a couple of local coffee shops with conference spaces and at Fusion. Please contact for upcoming meeting times and locations.
  • Interests: Red teaming, social engineering, penetration testing, physical security, security awareness, parkour, lock picking and retro video games.


  • Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA
  • Point of Contact: s0ups
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Waldo
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC225 Meets: Meeting times vary
  • Description: We hack things, drink things and talk about things.


  • Location: Portland, Maine USA
  • Point of Contact: d3dl0ck
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC207 Meets: Third Saturday of each month, 4pm @ Open Bench Portland
  • Description: Neighborly get together to discuss any technology that may be of interest.
    No agenda and everyone of all ages and skill are welcome.


  • Location: Severn, Maryland USA
  • Point of Contact: Flay
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC443 Meets: We meet at on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month (Sometimes more)
  • Description: DC443 was started by Flay and Budhandyman of Unallocatespace
  • Interests: We spend a lot of time on wargames like hackthebox and CTF's. We also try to bring in (or have remote talks) from renowned speakers every month or two.
  • Cool Things about Us: We meet at a hackerspace, so there are a ton of likeminded people, tools, and events tend to run pretty long.


  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts USA
  • Point of Contact:
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC617 Meets: 1st Monday of every month, exact location posted on website/twitter
  • Description: DC617 was an idea that was really solidified at DC25. Several awesome, local hackers assist in running this group's meetings, projects, and social media/website.
  • Areas of Interest: Hardware hacking, Pen Testing, Secure Development, Lockpicking, Social Engineering, Compliance, Wireless, Defense, Datacenters, OSINT, Crypto, Puzzles, Threat management, Exploit research, Challenges, Bug Bounty, Cloud, Networks, Incident Response - we have a diverse background and most of the organizers have been in doing teh cyberz for a really long time.


  • Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan USA
  • Point of Contact: Stephen Green
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC269 Meets: We meet at locally on the third Tuesday of every month from 6:30-9. E-mail the contact information to get an invite for our slack channel. We announce the location for each meeting on slack.
  • Description: We're an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week, but all the decision of that officer have to be ratified at a special biweekly meeting by a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs, but by a two-thirds majority in the case of more major ones.
  • Interests: Lock picking, hack the box, laws/regulations, tools like the pineapple, civilian involvement in events, and cons.
  • Location: Detroit, Michigan USA
  • Point of ContactXavier D. Johnson
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC313 Meets: We meet at the local coworking space named Bamboo Detroit and meet every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 1p-4p where everybody gets to speak about what they are working on, drink beer, eat pizza and play CTF on
  • Description:DC313 started in 2018. It was formed by several local hackers. Xavier D Johnson and Tom Lawrence run the meetings and keep the website updated. Detroit Cyber Security hosts and gives us free beer and pizza.
  • Interests:We have some WIFI projects and other Wireless goodies, Honeypot project to collect and reverse malware, CTF weekly where we collaborate on
  • Projects: Currently attempting to create an SDR Kismet like prototype to locate cell phones based on warwalking the con.
  • Cool Things about Us: We are hackers in a town built upon makers and thinkers. We have access to the automotive industry and many of the mobility focused startups in Detroit. We are trying to make people feel comfortable hacking tinkering and making in Detroit at a larger scale.


  • Location: Rochester, Minnesota USA
  • Point of Contact: Clark Voss
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Mark Parry
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC507 Meets: DC507 will meet locally on the third Thursday of every month. Location will vary depending on month and same goes for time.
  • Description:Clark Voss and Mark Parry run the meetings and we both coordinate the events.
  • Interests: The groups interest varies but we have interests in hardware hacking, pen testing, and lockpicking techniques just to name a few.
  • Projects: Nothing yet but I’m sure if will involve taking something apart and if we are lucky it will be putting it back together will all its screws.
  • Cool Things about Us: Our members have extensive experience with hardware hacking, cryptography, and even mobile hacking!
  • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
  • Point of Contact Twitters: @TactiFail, @NightmareJS, @_videoman_
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC612 Meets:on the 2nd Thursday of Every Month.
  • Description: We have stickers!



  • Location: St. Louis, Missouri USA
  • Point of Contact: kamikazejoe
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: rtward
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC314 Meets: 1st Friday of every month. Additional days to be determined.
  • Languages: English, 'Merican, Python, Charades, and obscene gestures
  • Description: Presentations, demos, and discussion on information and physical security, technologies, or on whatever someone happens to find interesting.


  • Location: Helena, Montana USA
  • Point of Contact: Rob Jackson
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Ed Williams
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC406 Meets: First Friday of each month, 5pm @ The Staggering Ox
  • Description: Proud flag bearers. DefCon Goon theNurse started us off. Wes is still leading us on.


  • Location: Omaha, Nebraska
  • Point of Contact: Tim Vidas
  • POC email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Jason Lehr
  • Backup POC email:
  • Website:
  • DC402 Meets: We meet at different local venues every second Tuesday of the month. Check the website or follow us at @defcon402 for the latest information.
  • Description: Attendees give talks, often security-related, but also drifting into other interesting areas of tech. Our meetings are informal, social and often tend to gravitate toward the technical side of things. That said, we are not afraid of topics like tech policy and we strive to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Many of our members have interesting histories in U.S. government, capture the flag competitions, digital forensics, law enforcement, and various involvement with a small gathering of people in Las Vegas every year known as DEF CON.
  • Areas of Interest: We have access to a 75W laser-engraver. Many of our members have interesting histories in U.S. government, capture the flag competitions, digital forensics, law enforcement, and various involvement with this small gathering of people in Las Vegas every year known as DEF CON.
  • Location: Papillion, Nebraska USA
  • Point of Contact: Mickey
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC531 Meets:We meet at a local university the first Thursday of every month. If you are interested in speaking or attending please check out for more information.
  • Description: DC531 was started in 2013. It was started by a small group of like minded college students who loved to tinker with technology. Today most members are working professionals. Please check out for more information.
  • Interests:We have a wide variety of areas of special interest but a few areas in particular include: offensive security (many team members are penetration testers), binary reverse engineering and exploitation, forensics, and secure web application development. We also have members that are interested in embedded systems (IOT) vulnerability discovery research.
  • Projects: Currently attempting to perform vulnerability discovery research on several (IOT) devices including Wi-Fi connected light bulbs, portable media servers, and a Wi-Fi connected security camera system. Also working on creating a custom badge to wear at Defcon 26.
  • Cool Things about Us: We compete in capture the flag competitions and love building things and releasing open source projects to give back to the community. We are open to any one and any idea.


  • Location: Reno, Nevada USA
  • Point of Contact: NotPike
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC775 Meets: We have are meetings at the Bridgewire Maker Space (1055 Industrial Way Suite 20 Sparks, NV 89431) on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00PM.
  • Description: Summary: We hang out, drink beer, and hack. (Not in order)
  • Interests: We do a lot with a lot of Software Defined Radio and have a Ham Shack at the maker space. We also have a CTF team who participates in monthly compilations.

New Hampshire

  • Location: Lebanon, New Hampshire USA
  • Point of Contact: Duck Duck
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Boots
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC603 Meets: 2nd Saturday of the month at 7 p.m. at Gusanoz restaurant 410 Miracle Mile, Lebanon, NH (

New Jersey

  • Location: Hoboken, New Jersey USA
  • Point of Contact: sidepocket
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC201 Meets:MakerBar (38 Jackson St 3rd floor Hoboken, NJ)
  • Description: Our mission at DEFCON 201 is to help you learn new things, meet new people, mentor others in areas you may be strong in, and provide some cohesion within the hacker culture and it's members in the general New Jersey area.
  • Interests: Our space, MakerBar, has a ton of equipment from lock picking, wood etching to car repair. We are working on bringing WiFi functions to our space and we are also focus on helping to bring technology to low income people of all backgrounds. We also interact with the local Drone fan clubs.

New Mexico

  • Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
  • Point of Contact: Kris Hardy
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC505 Meets: Third Monday of each month
  • Description: We are a group of cybersecurity specialists, ethical hackers, security researchers, and cryptanalysts who like to get together, hack on projects, help each other learn, and share knowledge. We welcome people of all skills and experience, and work to make each other better. Come join us!

New York

  • Location: New York City, New York
  • Point of Contact: Rex
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • D212 Meets: This group will meet once a month at first, with a 2nd (or perhaps more) satellite meetings occurring once special interest groups reach a certain critical mass. Once a month. Email for time/location.
  • Description: From the ashes of the previous DEF CON NYC (which we hear was awesome and super interactive) rises a new group with the same mission: hands on educational content geared towards hacking in the infosec sense of the word and beyond.


  • Location: Rochester, New York
  • Point of Contact: algorythm
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • D585 Meets: On the first Friday of each month, with Rochester 2600. Meetings start at 7 PM and are held at Interlock, the Rochester Hacker Space.
  • Description: DC585 started in 2003 and ran successfully as an independent organization until 2010, when it began collaborating with Rochester 2600.

North Carolina

  • Location: Asheville, North Carolina USA
  • Point of Contact: SecureSamurai
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC828 Meets: Once a month. Email for time/location.
  • Description: DC828 is the DEF CON Group for Western North Carolina. We're a friendly, focused, and ethical group of InfoSec pros, students, enthusiasts, and neophytes. Meeting topics include InfoSec policy and law, ethical hacking / penetration testing, secure software development, network security, digital forensics, incident response, open source intelligence, cryptography, exploit development, malware analysis, social engineering, vulnerability assessment, InfoSec certifications, Capture The Flag (CTF) events, and more. All knowledge and skill levels are welcome.
  • Location:Fayetttville, North Carolina USA
  • Point of Contact: Rusty
  • POC Email:
  • Website: DC910 Facebook Page
  • DC910 Meets: Bi-weekly on the first and third Saturday of the month at 11am
  • Description: We meet bi-weekly on the first and third Saturday of the month at 11am. Meetings are from 2-6 hours long, depending on how drawn into our project we get. Past meetings have involved working through VMs from, intro to scripting languages, walking through exploiting common vulnerabilities i.e. shellshock and heartbleed and much more. Meetings typically involve grilling some burgers and everyone is encouraged to bring snacks and beer.
  • Location: Raleigh, North Carolina USA
  • Point of Contact: bace
  • POC Email: mail[at]
  • Point of Contact: flood
  • Website:
  • DC919 Meets: To be posted on website calendar
  • Interests: Firewalls, IDP/IDS, Networking, 3D printing, Raspberry Pi, Lockpicking

North Dakota

  • Location: North Dakota, USA
  • Point of Contact: Weston Hecker
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC701 Meets: We meet at Hackerspace 200 SQFT office. On Bismarck Expressway (
  • Description: “Calling all Tech lovers" We have a "Hacker Space" In Bismarck ND if you’re interested in Computers, Hacking, Console Modding, 3D Printing, CNC Milling, PLEX Server, Raspberry PI, Arduino, Soldering, Programming, IOT hacking, Cellphone Modding, Software Defined Radios, HAMS, Networking, Servers, Lock-picking and car hacking this is the group for you.
  • Areas of Interest: We have a 3D printers, SDRs, Solder Stations, Servers, Computers, Pentesting Lab, Car hacking Lab, IOT Lab and lock picking wall we also are working on other projects.
  • Projects: Currently working on building up our lab . Lining up talks and code projects. Building Car hacking lab.


  • Location: Stark County, Ohio USA
  • Point of Contact: Loadhigh_818
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC330 Meets: Alternate Wednesdays, 6-8pm pleae email for meeting locations
  • Location: Columbus, Ohio
  • Point of Contact Twitters:
    Princess: @princess_htw
    (contact Princess to speak at DC614)
    SteveU: @0x573v3
  • Website: /r/dc614
  • DC614 Meets:Every 2nd Thursday of the month. Check out our sub-reddit /r/dc614 and @dcg614 for meeting location/time. Topics vary month to month. If we don't have a guest speaker, we work on a CTF machine as a group.
  • Description:DC614 is in its third reboot, since May 2018. Phorkus, SteveU, and Princess organize and run the meetings.
  • Projects: Focusing on regular monthly meeting cadence. Working on our team.
  • Interests: CTF training, code training, and dirty tricks.
  • Cool Things about Us: We welcome everyone who wants to learn. Our meetings are attended by folks with a variety of backgrounds. Some of us have been doing the InfoSec thing for decades, while others are new to the field.
  • Location: Dayton, Ohio
  • Point of Contact: Nicole Beckwith
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Clayton Horstman
  • Backup POC Twitter: @robot9000/li>
  • Website: pending
  • Description: DC937 strives to bring like minded people together from all over the region. We plan on having a presenter at every meeting for a short 20-30 minutes and will include all disciplines and professions. The core group of 6 committee members listed below each come from unique backgrounds and together make up the core committee. This committee will need a majority vote to pass any new changes to the bylaws or structure of the group. We decided to place equal status on each committee member and not titles.
  • DC937 Meets: We have arranged to have our meetings on the fourth Thursday of every month from 6:00PM to 8:00PM at Proto Build Bar (PBB). PBB is a bar and coffee shop, as well as a 3D printing and soldering shop with classes and retro/classic gaming nights. Located in Downtown Dayton at 534 E 1st St, Dayton, OH 45402.
  • Interests: We have backgrounds in hardware, software, DFIR, red team, and blue team and plan on creating a CTF competition team to continue competing in events.
  • Projects: DC937 badge planning in the works for next years Def Con pending DC Group acceptance. We are also in the process of building a testing environment where we can attack a system and pull forensics from it to learn what happens on both sides, then throw in the other areas to see what makes a system stronger and weaker. This will hopefully turn into a talk or full research project.


  • Location: Oklahoma City, OK USA
  • Point of Contact: Sean Ratliff
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Casey Bourbonnais
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC405 Meets: Last Thursdays of the month, 6-9 pm. Moore Norman Tech Center on Franklin Road.
  • Interests: Red and Blue Team Operations
  • Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma USA
  • Point of Contact: thinc
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC539 Meets: Meetings and locations will be announced via Twitter and the Website, but are planned for the 3rd Wednesday of the Month.
  • Description: This is a group registered for Northeast Oklahoma. We are using the new overlay area code as there is an existing DC Group that at the time of formation, was inactive or unable to be reached.
  • Interests: Red & Blue Team
  • Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma USA
  • Point of Contact: Nate
  • POC Email:
  • Website: Pending
  • DC918 Meets: Varies


  • Location: Portland, Oregon USA
  • Point of Contact: sibios
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC503 Meets: Third Sunday of each month, 3pm
  • Description: We are Portland's chapter of Infosec-fightclub: everyone must present something. Meetings are round-table style, closing with a headline speaker who presents in more depth. Show us what you're working on, why it is worth your time, and why we should care. All presentations are off-the-record, we want to see each-other's sketchiest shit.
  • Location: Eugene, Oregon, USA
  • Point of Contact: Maren
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC541 Meets: Second Saturday of each month, 3pm - 5pm, location tbd.


  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
  • Point of Contact: Clay Wells
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Brian Jopling
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC215 Meets: 3-4 meetings a year. Locations vary - see website.
  • Description: DC215 is a DEF CON group focused on community, education, mentoring and bringing the hacker and InfoSec community in the Philadelphia area together. It is a gathering that will feature presentations, workshops, CTFs, and anything else in which the community is interested. The group is community-driven, and allows its members to be active so they can learn or teach about a subject they are passionate about. DC215 also supports the already-existing security-related and technology-focused groups, and we encourage members of all groups to collaborate and share knowledge. We are Philly InfoSec strong together!
  • Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
  • Point of Contact: Jon Zeolla
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC412 Meets: We meet 9 months out of the year at various venues for either a presentation, a lab, or an informal get-together, but it always in the evening of the second Thursday of the month.
  • Description: We've done anything from a demonstration of audio surveillance using laser mics to discussing hacking back with a local lawyer, and tons of things in between. We assembled over 25 functional KeySweepers last year and sent them out into the wild.
  • Location: Easton, Pennsylvania
  • Point of Contact: rand0h
  • POC Email:
  • DC610 Meets: We meet the first Wednesday of the month from 6:00 – 9:00 at Two Rivers Brewery and Restaurant in Easton, Pennsylvania. Two Rivers is gracious enough to host us in one of two of the available meeting spaces. The first hour is the social hour; food, conversation, lock picking and video games. Talks usually follow, then we work on projects into the night. Meetings officially end at 9:00pm but people usually hang out and hack into the night.
  • Languages: English but we'll also accept Klingon, Elvish, Dothraki and Low Valyrian.
  • Description: DC610 Started as a local security meetup in January of 2017. The group quickly gained momentum and it was thought that becoming an official DEFCON group would further our goals of hacking the whole friggin planet. The group has a leadership team comprised of four of the originating members that share in the organization responsibilities such as scheduling meetings, recruiting new members, formulating talk subjects, buying the next round, etc.. We boast a total membership of 79 members on ourMeetup site, with a regular attendance of around 20 people per session.
  • Areas of Interest: Social Engineering, Cryptology, Crypto Currency, building CTFs., hacking non-standard hardware. We tend to draw people from all walks of technology, from developers to sysadmins. Our base represents a wide range range of interest and skill and we like it that way.
  • Current Projects: We are currently planning our first city neighborhood wide “Pub Crawl” CTF. We'll be configuring a number of access points/raspberry pi's that will be left at several locations in a 10 block (walkable) radius in Downtown Easton. We are developing a list of flags are in different restaurants around town and participants will have to hunt them down. Another project that gave us some lolz during a recent meetup, was the construction and configuration of a Raspberry Pi based "PwniePi", a CTF sewn into a My Little Pony doll. The tech was soldered together by kids all under the age of 14. We've attached a few pics to this email. Seriously, it was awesome.
  • Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA
  • Point of Contact: Gerren Murphy
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Paul Miller
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC717 Meets:Tentatively 1/month location TBD
  • Description: The founding members are Gerren Murphy and Paul Miller, who hope to bring together other hackers and lovers of science and technology to learn, share ideas, and develop the hacker community in this area. We'd also like to help give back to the community, by doing presentations in local schools, and offering some community classes such as basic privacy and internet security for the layperson.
  • Interests:Lock picking, CTFs, InfoSec

Rhode Island

South Carolina

  • Location:Greenville, South Carolina USA
  • Point of Contact Address:
  • Website:
  • DC864 Meets: See our website for the meeting schedule. Each meeting opens with a bit of local tech news and opportunities for hacker involvement in the local community. Everyone then takes turn sharing their current interest or project status.

    The meetings may feature member presentation or project demos. These meetings are a great opportunity to collaboration on projects and share the knowledge.
  • Description: DC864 is a DEF CON group focused on bringing the hacker and InfoSec communities in the Upstate together for mutual education and mentoring. Ben Acord and Eric Hart plan the meetings and keep the website updated.
  • Interests: Our projects focus on webapp security, OSINT, penetration testing, red teaming, some WI-FI adventures, lock picking, and physical security. We openly discuss InfoSec career paths and encourage mentoring.
  • Projects: Active study group for the Offensive Security OSCP exam. Mastery and building custom extensions of our favorite tools.
  • Cool Things about Us: A group made up of passionate Information Security professionals and hobbyists who are into breaking the unbroken. We're active in online pentest labs, 3dprinting, and Raspberry Pi maker projects.

South Dakota


  • Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee USA
  • Point of Contact: tothehilt
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: SynAckPwn
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC423 Meets: Last Wednesday of each month, 6:30pm.
  • Description: A place to discuss and share hack methods and general IT/coding practices. Great place to dry run your con talk for feedback and light trolling
  • Location: Nashville, Tennessee USA
  • Point of Contact: Brent White (B!TK!LL3R)
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC615 Meets: DC615 meets on the last Thursday of each month at 6pm. Please visit for meeting location directions.
  • Description: Open to all ages! BYOB. We do projects related to everything from lock picking, hardware hacking, DIY, penetration testing, WiFi hacking, and more. We also enjoy playing vintage video games and occasionally have a live DJ cranking out tunes. Each meeting is an open forum and we encourage ALL skill levels.
  • Location: Knoxville, Tennessee USA
  • Point of Contact: Zach
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Joe
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC865 Meets:Third Wednesday of each month at 6PM.
  • Description: Capture the Flag, Practicing Presentation, Coding, Mentoring


  • Location: San Antonio, Texas
  • Point of Contact: Syntax
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC210 Meets: We are currently meeting at Snopioca located at 6423 Babcock Rd #104.3rd Thurs of the month 7pm. Location has Free wifi, late hours, Taiwanese ice cream and electrical outlets at some tables.
  • Description: The DC210 started in July 2003. The original founder was Octalpussy. Current “POC” Point of Contact is Syntax (we are looking for additional members to help in organizing some events)
  • Location: Dallas, Texas USA
  • Point of Contact: isac
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: MadHat
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC214 Meets: Second Wednesday of each month, 7-9pm
  • Description: DC214 is a gathering point for folks interested in the alternate applications of modern technology. Our meetings will be open to anyone and everyone regardless of their skill, age, job, gender, etc. This is a forum to discuss technology with like minded folks. DC214 is designed to help you learn new things, and if you think you are up for it maybe you can teach us a thing or two.
  • Location: Kileen, Texas USA
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC254 Meets: TBD
  • Description: This group was started mid 2018. It was formed by a 25+ year experienced IT professional and a mid level hacker continuing to grow each day.
  • Interests: Hacking, security, IT and related areas
  • Projects: Learning, will start projects when the group is more established
  • Cool Things about Us: We have the drive and experience needed to not only handle a group but offer knowledge to those wanting to learn. On the other hand we have the understanding that we do not know much of anything and wanting to group with other with our same interest to learn from.
  • Location: Houston, Texas
  • Point of Contact: djdead
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Raypath
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC713 Meets: Once a month
  • Description: A social group with common interests. Expect DEF CON annual projects (badges, parties, or other group shenanigans for DC), local talks and knowledge exchanges, community outreach, making things and breaking things!
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas
  • Point of Contact: Pinky
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC726 Meets: quarterly, 06:30pm-08:00pm at Creppecino, located at 5500 Babcock Rd #103, San Antonio, TX 78240
  • Description:We are aiming to hold our first meeting September 28, 2018. It was formed by pinky, SciaticNerd, and echodaemon. They together help maintain the website, maintain a social media presence, run the meetings and find locations for the meetings.
  • Projects: Currently getting the group off the ground and bringing awareness to the different groups or events occurring in town.
  • Interests: A lot of groups in San Antonio are specialized. This group is geared to promote awareness of these different groups, and bring them together on a quarterly basis to promote collaboration, allow for requests for help, and bring awareness of different specialties that may be present in town but not well known. For example, we plan to bring together BSidesSATX, CyberDefDojo, local amateur radio groups, cybersecurity groups from local universities, along with biohacking, hardware hacking, and so on.
  • Location: Lubbock, Texas USA
  • Point of Contact: C1n1-M0d
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Retr0
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC806 Meets: We meet at Ulabs the Lubbock local Makerspace the first Friday of every month.
  • Description: DC806 was formed by Retr0 and C1n1-M0d local hackers who wanted a challenge they are both responsible for meeting and coordination of the team.
  • Projects: Currently attempting to build and program a profiler like the one from watch dogs.
  • Location: McAllen, Texas
  • Point of Contact: Francisco Salinas
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Luvia Guerrero
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website: Pending
  • DC956 Meets: First Friday of each month, 6-8PM @ 3700 W. Military Hwy


  • Location: Davis County, Utah
  • Point of Contact: pending
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC385 Meets: Weekly on Discord chat server.
  • Description: Started by Farlander and hvk in 2018 as an OSCP study group, practicing on VulnHub and HackTheBox, with lots of hopes and dreams for the future.
  • Projects: Making 18650 battery packs. HackTheBox challenges and boxes. OSCP study. Making a non-sucky website.
  • Location: Logan, Utah
  • Point of Contact: James Pope
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Matt Lorimer
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC435 Meets: every 1st Thursday of every month, unless it is a holiday or during a major/local security conference. If it is canceled it will be posted at

    Space will be open at 6:30 and meeting will kick off at 7:00pm.

    We currently meet at Bridgerland Technical College campus located at 1301 N 600 W, Logan, UT 84321 - Room 840 - please check to verify location
  • Description: Core group is made up of public and private businesses with employees in the Cache Valley area.
  • Cool Things About Us: A few of us help run Black Hat, SaintCon, and BSidesSLC. We are heavily involved in the community and enjoy bringing it to Cache Valley. Also go to DefCon!
  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Point of Contact: Sobit
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Metacortex
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC801 Meets: First Monday of each month, 6pm
  • Description: Very enthusiastic group of hackers who are based out of SLC. DC801 also supplies many DEF CON goons. You may recognize them by their epic DEF CON parties



  • Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia
  • Point of Contact: Everythingist
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC540 Meets: 4th Monday at Fredericksburg Library downtown branch, Meeting Room 1
  • Description: Interests in Reverse Engineering, Pen Testing, Capture-the-Flag, Physical Security, ICS/Scada, Radio Frequency / Wi-Fi, BioHacking, Education, and many other technology related fields.
  • Projects: #1 project is building our little subcommunity, but SDR seems to be a strong area of interest.
  • Interests: All the things. Cross-training in areas of expertise. Have 3d printing, progressive locksets, hardware hacking supplies, multiple SDRs, RFID tools, amateur radio equipment and pentesting tutorials. #Badgelifers welcome.
  • Location: Hampton Roads, Virginia USA
  • Point of Contact: Tyler Steffenson
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC757 Meets: Second Tuesday of each month, location rotates between Oceanview, Hampton, and Chesapeake, see for details.
  • Description: Interests in Reverse Engineering, Pen Testing, Capture-the-Flag, Physical Security, ICS/Scada, Radio Frequency / Wi-Fi, BioHacking, Education, and many other technology related fields.


  • Location: Redmond, Washington USA
  • Point of Contact: Dave Null
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC206 Meets: Third Sundays and every Thursday night
  • Description: We're really mature for our age.
  • Location: Tacoma, Washington USA
  • Point of Contact: 3mu|0r
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC253 Meets: Last Friday of each month. Location and time announced on twitter (@DCGroup253) and discord.
  • Description: Founded in 2018 to bring together tacoma area hackers. Our monthly meetings do not have a specific agenda as all things Defcon are on the table. All ages and skill levels are welcome. You don’t have to wait for a meeting to get in touch!
  • Location: Spokane, Washington USA
  • Point of Contact: Kai T. (0xNBE1)
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Gary Blosser
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC509 Meets: Once a month
  • Description: DC509 is the Inland NW DEFCON group. The focus is to get together on a regular basis and interact with other InfoSec enthusiasts, have occasional workshops, stimulate thought-provoking conversation, and build an (in)security community in our area. No level of "hacker" knowledge is required and everyone is welcome regardless of age, gender, race, etc.
  • Location: Wenatchee, Washington USA
  • Point of Contact: Rego
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact:Sunfire
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website: For now, follow on Facebook @WenHackerHangouts and Twitter @WenatcheeHackrs
  • DC509.2 Meets: First Friday of every month, starting around 5pm, done no later than 8pm
  • Description: We're a pretty laid back group - Rego decided to start the 2600 meetings in late 2015, but Sunfire is the organizational one. Typical meetings include a short presentation, talk, or hands-on activity, with open discussion afterwards. Aside from that, we're still building, growing,figuring out what we will become. Hoping some regulars will appear and start to get involved in their own way.
  • Interests: Still new and growing, this was originally just a 2600 meeting. After attending our first DefCon, Sunfire decided it would be good to co-brand for a while, to increase interest and involvement. Main areas of discussion at this time include general security basics (best practices, etc), lockpicking, scripting with Python, javascript programming,cryptocurrency, along with general infosec and cybersecurity awareness. Recent project - outreach and education about hackers and hacking at the local Mini Maker Faire.

Washington, DC

  • Location: Washington, D.C. USA
  • Point of Contact: corinthian
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC202 Meets:We're DC202, the official DEF CON group for Washington DC. Interested in all things hacking and subversion. Iconoclastic, profane, unconventional. We meet every few weeks at bars, homes, libraries, and other comfortable spaces in DC. Meetings involving alcohol are marked as such, but it is better to expect it than not.
  • Description: DC202 was started in 2018 by a handful of hackers and ne'er-do-wells in Washington DC. Corinthian handles social media and group meta, Icy handles training/vetting, and Greenlight handles venues.
  • Interests: CTFs, lockpicking, counter-attribution, malware design, puzzles, drinking.
  • Projects: Currently designing a cheap autonomous self-disposing burner drone.
  • Cool Things about Us: We drink and know things.

West Virginia


  • Location: Franklin, Wisconsin USA
  • Point of Contact: Belouve
  • POC Email:
  • Backup Point of Contact: Darkwind
  • Backup POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC414 Meets: First Friday of the month
  • Languages: English, ASL
  • Description: Lockpicking, RF Hacking, Ciphers, 3D Printing, Social Engineering, and more.
  • Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin USA
  • Point of Contact: pending
  • POC Email:
  • Website:
  • DC715 Meets: EC InfoSec meets as a group about once a month. During this Meetup we have a member (or guest speaker) present on a topic around information for about an hour. We socialize before and after the presentation. If you would like to attend our next Meetup, please see our Join Us page for more details
  • Description: Eau Claire InfoSec was formed in November of 2017 with the aspirations of creating an active membership of individuals which have a shared interest in information security. This group is a platform that we can come together to help facilitate the sharing of knowledge around the many different topics of cyber security to the local residents and businesses of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and surrounding cities.



  • Location: Bayamon, Puerto Rico
  • Point of Contact: Jose L. Quinones
  • POC Email:
  • Website: pending
  • DC787 Meets: at Engine 4 Co-Working Space in Bayamon, PR every other Wednesday. .
  • Description: The DC787 started as the “Init.d” InfoSec interest group in 2012. It was formed by several local hackers and started meeting whenever we could and wherever we were welcomed. Jose L. Quiñones, Jose A. Arroyo and Carlos Perez run the meetings and keep the social media outlets updated. We value community feedback and our activities are designed to fill the community’s needs.
  • Interests: We work with Lock picking, Hardware Hacking, IoT, Blue & Red Team Techniques, and many other hacker/technology related topics.