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DEF CON Hacking Conference


DCGroups Info Template

Group Location

City and State


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Group Name


Summary and Leadership Structure

The DC0001 started in 2007. It was formed by several local hackers. Jean Luc, Luke and Mal run the meetings and keep the website updated.


We meet at the local Cowboy Fengs Bar and meeting hall every 2nd Wed. where everybody takes turn giving a talk on what their interest are.

Areas of Special Interest

We have a 3D printer and we have a lock picking wall we also are working on some WIFI projects.

Current Projects

Currently attempting to create an SDR reader/writer with an extended range.

Cool Things About Us:

We 3D printed toys for the local school during an outreach fair at the school.

We made new locks using lasers.

Contact Info (POC or any other relevant

Jean Luc – is the main contact at

Photos (limited to six and must be SFW)

Primary/Other Languages Spoken

English, but hey we like French too.

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