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DEF CON Hacking Conference



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Every DCG is special and unique, every DCG is awesome and here’s where we will spotlight one DCG from time to time - but not based on some special or secret merit program. Here is where we will spotlight a pseudorandom DCG that either Jayson E. Street has visited or interviewed. You may not be able to travel to the far reaches of hackerspace but you can get to know a few of them a little bit better.

Top 5 DEF CON Groups of 2015!

We would like to take a moment to show some appreciation to some very active DEF CON groups! So without further ado here are the top 5 DEF CON Groups of 2015!

TOP 5:

dc 801 imageDC 801 Salt Lake City, Utah USA

dc 214 imageDC 214 Dallas, Texas USA

dc 4220 imageDC 4420 London, UK

dc 719 imageDC 719 Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

dc 404 imageDC 404 Atlanta, Georgia USA

These were selected on longevity, activity and participation at DEF CON)

Each DEF CON group listed above will be receiving a DEF CON care package (stickers, shirts & surprises).

Feel left out? Want the opportunity to be in the top 10? Want a supply drop from DEF CON as well?

If you submit a DEF CON Groups web page to go to the portal with pictures, bio, and information (actually make a for realz page), you’ll have the opportunity to be in a drawing that we’ll do at the end of March, and out of that drawing we’ll send out 5 more packages.

Spotlight on DC801 (Salt Lake City)

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353 East 200 South
Suite #B
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Main meetings: First Friday of every month from
For Other events check
the DC801 Website

Grifter (grifter [at] defcon [dot] org) or @Grifter801